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The Heart of Christmas in Squamish

Community Caring for Community by filling hampers with gifts, food and love in the Spirit of Christmas.

Christmas Gifts for Families in Squamish, BC

Preparations for the 40th annual Community Christmas Care project are already under way and, once again, we are counting on your support as we provide Christmas hampers to families and individuals right here in Squamish. Last year, with your help, we assembled and distributed 292 hampers. Given the present economic situation, it is likely that we will be called upon to serve even more people this year, so your help is needed once again. Thank you for all you have done in the past.

Community Christmas Care is very successful because of its partners like you, who grab hold of the vision and pitch in to help. This partnership arose in the beginning out of a general consensus that Squamish would be much better served if one agency were to replace the numerous individual business and community efforts at Christmas time. In the spirit of community that so characterizes this town, we encourage all businesses to donate through Community Christmas Care.

How can you help? Your gifts of financial assistance (receipts for Income Tax purposes will be issued), toys and non-perishable food items as well as your support for events in aid of Community Christmas Care add significantly to our efforts.

Community Christmas Care is a Community Organization led by Churches & Local Ministerial. Along with Helping Hands and the Food Bank, the local churches of Squamish continue caring for the needy and less fortunate throughout the year.